Episode 32: hackers


What kind of movie do you make about computer hacking before Windows '95 is out? Well, apparently this one! Hackers is a cult classic of incredibly mind-boggling proportions. Our lovable heroes spend the whole movie screwing with each other and committing a gleeful number of crimes in an attempt to "Hack the Planet." What does hacking the planet entail? Apparently surfing through the 3D realized 1995 era internet at speeds of 3! Johnny Lee Miller and Angelina Jolie have a chemistry that will make you say "What? They got married after this thing?" Matthew Lillard dances around in a Jean-Paul Gauthier nightmare. Fischer Stevens is here in the hammiest performance of his unfortunate career.


Honestly... this thing is a TON of fun and totally worth checking out! And we hope you'll stick around for our prequel, sequel and remake for... HACKERS!

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